14 Present Tips for a Windsurfer That Will Make Him Love You

Wondering  what present to buy for your windsurfing friend? Good news for you! Windsurfers can always use new toys and there are many useful items to buy in many price categories. For more than two decades my friends and I have been windsurfing. I share my thoughts and experiences on the most useful presents. Read on to find how you can surprise your friend with a great gift.

So what present do I buy for a windsurfer? I think the best present we ever bought for a friend was either the AquaPac or the Masterlock. The Neoprene beanie and the Poncho, that keeps you warm while changing your wetsuit for clothes again, are great runner ups. But, since every person is different, this blog gives you a lot more options for inspiration.

This blog not only gives you more ideas. I also explain why the items are improving the windsurf experience of your friend. Windsurfers sail in various conditions and therefore finding the ideal present requires quite a bit more knowledge. The most expensive present is not automatically rewarding you with the biggest smile. But choosing a gift based on inside knowledge can make you score a lot of points.

14 examples of great presents and why they improve windsurfing.

Each time my windsurfing friends and I discussed what gift to give to a windsurfer we came up with very practical ideas. Windsurfers seem to like toy’s that make their days on the water better or extend their window of operation. I found various categories that might help you select the ideal gift.

Examples of Gear That I Tested Personally While Windsurfing: Left Top: Aqua Pack; next to it my Masterlock. My TRX is in the middle. 

Makes the day because
(indication / might vary)
Base Pad
Looks better, protect your feet
Gives the toes a break when hitting the mast base
Keep mobile/car key dry
Easy way to keep phone and car key dry
Just for Key/cash: $15
Larger : >/= $60
Don’t loose your key
No more key in wheel arch (thieves know it)
Neoprene beanie
Keep surfing when it gets cold You loos 30% of warmth via your head. This will enable to sail longer with low temps


Warm and handy ‘dressing room’ for the colder days. Gives privacy while changing behind car and keeps you warm in chilly winds


TRX trainer
Workout if you can’t go windsurfing Offers many opportunities to keep the body surf fit while at home/travelling or in the office

$99,95 and more.

Imitations are much cheaper

Transporting your precious friend protected Protects the board while travelling or in store

$100- $160

Windspeed meter
Knowledge is power. If you know the wind speed choosing the right sail is far easier The right sail choice makes the day because you don’t have to rig another one or sail under/overpowerd

$22,00 – > 100

Neoprene repair kit
Cold water finds its way even through very little holes in the suit Small damages in neoprene can easily tear in to a big damage when putting suit on/off. Repairing them immediately after damage prevents this

$11 and more

protection A crash can cause the head to hit gear or the eardrum can get damaged because of the ear hitting the water surface.

$ 37

(with ear protectors)

Sail/mast/boom bag
Transporting rigs protected Protects your sails, masts and booms while travelling. Convenient for roof racks or in airplanes etc


Neoprene Shirt
Keeps you (extra) warm I use these when just a pair of shorts is to chilly in summer. Or in autumn I put it under my wetsuit to keep me extra warm


WindFinder Pro app

IOS Link

Android Link



Chances you catch those 2 hours of wind in the afternoon that you didn’t see coming increase. Chances you drive all the way to the water to find out

$3,99 (Apple IOS App Store)

$4,59 in Android store

GoPro Video Camera


Catching all your windsurf moves on film or photo I have experienced myself how cool it is to film yourself and friends while windsurfing. For fun, and for learning!


Sometimes offered with a bundle of accessories like a strap mount for head or helmet.

** prices that I found doing a quick online research to give an idea. No rights can be derived from this information.

Choosing the best windsurfing gift.

The list above contains many items that can improve the windsurfing experience of your friend. To determine what is the best present, skip everything that is not in the right price category and everything your friend already has.

Now the remaining question is. What suites the particular needs of the friend best? Is she or he learning to windsurf? Does he or she travel by car? In what conditions does the windsurfing take place.

In my experience everybody likes the AquaPac or the Masterlock. It always feels a bit odd when you ‘hide’your car key in the wheel arch. From personal experience I can tell how it feels when you return to your car after a nice but bitter cold session only to find out your key is gone.

I found the neoprene beanie and the neoprene shirt great when temperatures dropped . They really helped sailing comfortably in cold conditions.

What if my friend wants a board or a sail?

Yep. Which windsurfer can’t use another board or sail? As you might have noticed all these suggestions are accessories. That is not a coincidence. Thing is buying these parts, like masts, booms, fins etc. Requires very specific knowledge about the level of the windsurfer, kit he/she already has and ambitions for the future. Just buying an nice sail is probably not the best idea. It might not fit in the range of owned sails. It can be the wrong type or not fit the right mast.

If you want to buy these items in my experience it is best to just ask advice from the person you are buying for. It might spoil the surprise. Maybe my blog about choosing the right kit <LINK >or about cost <LINK> are helpful too.

What present do I buy for a beginning windsurfer?

In addition to suggestions mentioned above I can say that I have good experiences to offer a lesson. Windsurfing can improve much faster with a few good lessons. Even if someone has  had a few and can windsurf up and down the lake safely by him/her self.

What present do I buy for an advanced windsurfer?

Advanced windsurfer are more likely to already have a few items of the list. Checking what is already in the gearbag is extra important. They are also more likely to exactly know what items the need for replacement. Or what items they like to expand their equipment. Therefore just asking for specific wishes can be a good idea. If you don’t want to spoil the surprise this way I can share one more tip from my own experience. A master class by a (semi-) pro was a great experience I was privileged to experience. Particular brands might also offer clinics. It is wise to make sure the level needed to participate fits.

What windsurfing present do I buy for a kid?

When I learned windsurfing more than 20 years ago all equipment was so heavy that small kids just couldn’t get a sail out of the water. Nowadays that has changed. Rigs can be very light and I have seen sail sizes down to 1,5m2. A dude I now taught his son windsurfing at the age of 5.

Of course for safety they should never be left alone and they should be able to swim. Also in water that is not deep. Having said that a great present for any kid wishing to be a windsurfer can be a inflatable windsurf/SUP board, complete with small sail and paddle. Kids can share the use and you can teach them to windsurf on it. If there is no wind or if they just want to play (or you) the board can be used as Stand Up Paddle board by the whole family.

I hope this information was useful to you. I just share my opinions, experiences, things I learned talking to other windsurfers and during online searches. No rights can be derived from this information.

If you have useful suggestions or additions, you can share them via the comment section.

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