Masts determine a large portion of the sail characteristics. Therefore choosing the right one is important.

The choice is tremendous as are the differences between masts. I don’t mean to say there are bad masts. All I am saying is that a $775, 100% carbon mast will give you a different experience than a $240, 40% alternative.

On the other hand, having two $335, 60% carbon masts ,that differ 30 cm in length, might give you far more sailing hours for less money that one 100%.

When it comes to testing masts over a longer period of time my experiences are all with constant curve mast. I have tested SDM and RDM masts varying from 30-100% carbon of several brands.

  • Here are the things I care about when buying a mast:

    • length matches sail(s) recommendation
    • RDM
    • 40%-60% carbon (if sailing 5-25 times/ year.
    • 60-80% carbon (if sailing >20/year)
    • type of curve matches sail**
  • I have tested PowerEx masts in various conditions and I loved them for their durability, responsiveness and price/quality. I also have good experiences with Chinook products. These are a few masts (RDM/ Constant Curve) that I would buy: