• Booms are an essential part of the windsurf rig. There are actually a few things to consider before buying one.

    • Diameter of the tube
    • Length MIN and MAX
    • Material of construction
    • Suitable mast types
    • Harness Line index markings

    These are the types of boom I use:

  • The diameter of the tube

    Effects more than one thing. Thick booms will require more strength to hold on too. Therefore I choose diameters not too thick. Thinner is lighter.

  • Min and Max length

    Are important. The boom you buy now might fit your sail. But what will be your next sails boom lenght? Keep this in mind!

  • Material¬† of construction

    Aluminium is less expensive than carbon. Carbon adds less weight to the rig and is more stiff. I found it breaks easier too.

  • Suitbable Mast Types

    Mast are made in RDM and SDM. The RDM has a reduced diameter in is lighter. If you have SDM now keep in mind you might want RDM later.