• Since I don´t use pictures that might have copy rights on them I used a free image. Click here for actual images of a  recommended single board board bag.

  • Single Board  Bag

    There are several fine padded single board bags on the market. From personal experience with boardbags, travelling around the world, these are the features I consider most valuable:

    • Padding. I prefer at least 5 mm.
    • Heavy duty zipper. Preferably not corroding.
    • Handle strap for carrying
    • Fin opening

    This Boardbag has all features above including a 5-12mm padding: Cheeky Board Bag.

  • Double Board Bag

    I have come across several double board board bags. Next to the features I value for single board bags I feel an extra seperation between the to boards inside the bag is a valuable option.

    Check here for more info on a nice double board bag by a company whos´s gear I many windsurfer have trusted for years.

  • Tripple Board Bag (World Cup Bag)

    I have only come across one bag that can contain 3 boards. Or, if you like 1 or 2 boards with a few sails and stuff. F2 is a brand that many windsurfers have trusted for their quality for years.

    Check here for availability and price on the F2 WorldCup Bag.